NHS Dentistry for Torbay and Exeter

For Torbay and Exeter residents only, we are pleased to be able to offer domiciliary dental appointments under the NHS, subject to eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for home visits?

We offer domiciliary visits under NHS regulation although there are criteria which you have to meet to qualify for this. At Home Dental’s NHS Domiciliary Service is available only to those people who:

  1. Would find it impossible or exceedingly difficult to attend a dental surgery due to incapacity or infirmity and,
  2. Reside within Torbay (postcode sectors EX1-EX6, EX8-EX17, EX24, TQ1-TQ5) and,
  3. Accept that treatment is limited by the equipment and materials that the dentist can transport and and the circumstances of the visited location.

Please be aware that NHS charges apply unless you are exempt due to benefit or exemption certificates.

Please not that unfortunately, for areas outside of Torbay, we are unable to provide an NHS service at this time.

What treatment can be provided at a dental domiciliary visit?

Scaling, simple fillings, simple extractions and the making of dentures can all be carried out using portable dental equipment. There are some treatments that cannot be provided in a domiciliary visit because they are more complex or the equipment needed is not transportable. These include x-rays, surgical extractions and crown and bridge work. If these are required they may have to be provided in the dental surgery.

Sometimes it may be the best option to choose a simpler treatment plan that does not include these items. In other cases it may be possible for a patient to have the more complex treatment in the dental surgery and the simpler work carried out on a domiciliary visit.

Please click here for information relating to NHS fees for treatment.

Your Safety Obligations

If At Home Dental’s personnel are to visit you, your premises will become their workplace. Please ensure they are safe by considering the following examples of potential danger.

  • Insufficient lighting in rooms and corridors
  • Animals
  • Sharp objects such as needles and glass
  • Tripping hazards e.g. slippery floors, loose rugs, clutter
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Presence of people intoxicated with drugs, including alcohol
  • Presence of people with a history of violence or abuse

If the premises are not safe, At Home Dental’s personnel will be unable to visit. Please note that if At Home Dental’s personnel feel abused or threatened in any way, the visit will end and there will be no further visits.


We welcome you to view our Care Quality Commission (CQC) information.

Making a Complaint

We hope you will be completely satisfied with the service you receive. However, if you need to make a complaint, please refer to our complaints policy.


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