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General Information

Every treatment is specific to each patient so these prices are only a guide. We provide every patient with a plan detailing the treatment they require and the costs.

Service Fee

Service Fee (charged each visit)  – £50

Examinations and Diagnosis

Initial examination  – £82
Recall Examination- £79
(Including simple scaling)  – £147
Small X-ray  – £16
Emergency Appointment (Registered Patients)  – £100
Emergency Appointment (New Patients)  – £100
Study Models  – £116


Hygienist Appointment  – From £98


Amalgam  – From £100
White Fillings  – From £126
Root Fillings  – From £415


Porcelain Veneer  – From £483
Porcelain Inlay  – £446
Gold Inlay  – From £551


Full Acrylic Denture  – From £1523
Partial Acrylic Dentures  – From £803
Full Denture Chrome  – From £1995
Partial Chrome Denture  – From £998
Reline/Soft Lining  – £305
Denture Repair  – From £116


Crowns  – From £578
Bridges  – From £578
Extractions  – From £131
Tooth Whitening  – £394
Mouth Guards  – From £116

Our promise to you

We will:

  • Advise you how to achieve and maintain good oral health
  • Provide you with treatment options
  • Explain why a treatment is necessary and what it involves
  • Provide you with a full treatment plan and a written estimate of costs before your treatment
  • Take the mystique out of dentistry by using terminology our patients understand


Whitening is among the most popular dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.


Veneers make teeth look natural, healthy and improve the colour, shape and position of teeth.


Made from lifelike resin bonded to a plastic base, dentures are worn to replace your natural teeth.


All of our dentists are highly qualified with many years of experience in the dental industry.

Our Equipment

We have embraced

the very latest in

mobile dental equipment

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